Kit Rivera

Kit Rivera

I’m a flight attendant based in Vancouver and baking and cooking are second nature to me.  Thanks to my mother who I consider the best culinary expert as she had this innate talent to concoct scrumptious dishes that leaves one drooling for more.  As her unfailing daughter, I dutifully assisted her in all her culinary undertakings.  No wonder I nurtured such immense passion for cooking and baking and just like my mom, I was already whipping up my own recipes especially for dessert at a very young age.  I would experiment, modify, mix ingredients and voila!…..the birth of new recipes which have remained to be popular favourites among friends and customers up to this time.

Desserts don’t necessarily have to be excessively sweet, sweetness in moderation is the key matched with the right texture and well blended ingredients.  This principle is what I live by as can be manifested from my own creations.  Sweet Temptations offer a wide array of cakes and pastries to choose from and are made from the finest ingredients that will surely melt in your mouth.

Sweet Temptations by Kit Rivera

Phone:  604-544-2088 or 604-219-1470

Email: kitsweettemptations@shaw.ca

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  1. Al rivera says:

    Nice website!

  2. Mylene B. Bizzotto says:

    Hi Kit! Kudos to your new-found endeavor! I’m sure you’ll get ahead because of your passion for good & genuine food. I wish you the best. The ensaymadas are very tempting. I could just imagine how yummy & heavenly they are. Too bad we’re too far to order & pick it up. Haha! Cheers!

  3. Tina Power says:

    I had a slice of your chocolate cake tonight that your lovely husband gave me at work. It was to die for, so smooth, light and so very tasty. I have eaten many many pieces of chocolate cake over the years, and this is one that I will definitely go back for seconds! It was delicious and sensual, and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about “Sweet Temptations Cake and Pastries”!
    Keep up that great work.

  4. F. Ramos says:

    Tried a slice of the chocolate cake at work and it was great! Moist, light texture. Chocolate wasn’t overpowering. Very pleasing flavour. Unlike other chocolate cakes they seem to be too sweet – this one achieved the right balance. I think it would go great paired with an espresso or a dark brewed coffee.

    Continued success!

  5. john filer says:

    I tried some of your chocolate cake that your husband brought to work. I could not beleive how moist it was, also the cloying sweetness often found in other chocolate cakes was gone. It was the best cake I have ever had, cant wait to try some others. Good luck with your enterprise, I am sure you will be massive.

  6. Giselle says:

    I ordered a dozen of Kits’s red velvet cupcakes for a birthday party and they were nothing but a hit! The cupcake was so moist and tasty and the cream cheese icing was to die for, so rich! Absolutely scrumptious. Needless to say, they were gone within minutes!
    Kit’s service was impeccable, right down to the delivery.
    I also had the opportunity to taste the chocolate cake and Yam cupcakes. I don’t know how she does it but her cakes are all so unbelievably moist and incredibly delicious! i couldn’t get enough of the chocolate cake, and the icing…well, all I can say is if you love chocolate, like I do, you’ll love this!
    I know what you’re thinking…Yam cupcakes? You really have to try it to believe how light and yummy they are. I think they may have become my new favourite!

    Thanks Kit! You are now my new cupcake dealer!! 😉


  7. Rupinder says:

    I had a piece of chocolate cake given to me at work by Alphonso . It was amazing! I couldn’t rave about it enough. It was moist, full of cocoa flavour and perfectly sweet. The icing was rich but unlike other cakes it wasn’t overpowering. Even the presentation was lovely. It was the kind of cake you serve sometime during a REALLY good date.

    I can’t wait to try more……………

  8. Janet Badzak says:

    Kit, your Ube cupcakes are delicious. I totally recommend the yummy yam cupcakes. They are moist, soft and slightly sweet. Just perfect. Thanks so much 🙂

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